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Welcome to the Succubus Stories wiki![edit]

This is a wiki for the erotic text-based adventure game Succubus Stories. Due to the nature of the source material, this wiki is intended for adults only and may contain sexually explicit materials. By continuing to browse and use this wiki, you affirm that you are an adult in your legal region and willing to see such content.

Succubus Stories is moddable!

What is Succubus Stories?[edit]

In Succubus Stories you play as a peasant girl turned succubus, plotting her revenge against the powerful person who ruined her life and stole her family's land. She needs to consume a certain bodily fluid to survive, and has to manage her ravenous lust as she gets closer to her goals.

The game has a central narrative, but the primary goal of the game is to give players a lot to do and a lot to work toward with an open-ended structure where players can progress at their own pace. Players will need to manage their reputation, skills, and money through prostitution, sex, diplomacy, alchemy, and business.



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