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This wiki is intended for adults only and may contain sexually explicit materials. By continuing to browse and use this wiki, you affirm that you are an adult in your legal region and willing to see such content.

The games covered in this wiki are Succubus Stories and Hex.

Succubus Stories[edit]

Succubus Stories is a text-based game, where you play as a peasant woman turned succubus who's on a mission to take revenge against the powerful people who ruined her life.

Succubus Stories focuses on potion crafting, social simulation, choice-driven narrative, and sexual content in a sandbox format with a lot of things to unlock and work toward.

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Hex is an erotic RPG where you play as a succubus possessing the body of a powerful mage. Unfortunately for her, the body's former owner still clings to the body, and threatens to bend the succubus to her will instead.

Hex is a sandbox-style game with tons of things to do presented in a visual novel format, with turn-based sexual encounters and a unique combat system.

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